AFP 2/VFG 22(1)

AFP 2/VFG 22(1)

The controller is a self-acting differential pressure controller primarily for use in district heating and cooling systems.

Direct operated, reliable and highly precise controller closes on rising differential pressure. The controller has a control valve, actuator with one control diaphragm and spring for differential pressure setting. Control valve is pressure relieved.

Two valve versions are available within controller:
– VFG 22 with metal sealing
– VFG 221 with soft sealing

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What does this product do?
  • Danfoss‘ new pressure and flow controllers with increased flow capacities for up to 800 m3/h.
  • Optimal solution for large district heating and cooling systems, with big heat/cold demand.
  • New Virtus-best in class flow/investment ratio.
  • Due to the chamber balanced compact design the height is reduced. Compactness among best in Class.
  • Up to 20 % less installation space required.
  • Pressure actuator with adjustable setting indication. After commisioning and setting or when setting is changed, adjustable indication plate with pointer can be moved/pointed to the set Δp.
  • Posibility to mark down 2 set Δp‘s (e.g. winter/summer setting)
  • Setting direction indicaton for trouble free dp setting.
  • Intelligent pressure and flow controllers to optimize disctrict heating/cooling substation performance.
  • Auto stabilization function monitors and detecs the oscilations in the system and automatically adjusts the differential pressure over the motorised control valve, until the stable pressure conditions are achieved. Substation is set for optimal operation and flows delivered according to the heat demand. Operational cost are reduced.

  • Intelligent pressure and flow controllers to optimize your disctrict heating/cooling network performance.
  • Differential pressure at a branch can be remotly set by network operator via SCADA.

  • Improved network performance, reduced pumping costs, reduced leakages in the pipelines, less equipment wear-longer lifetime.

    • Quick installation instructions for mounting the actuator to the valve. Printed on the product plate and attached to
      the actuator

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