Benefits of Virtus

There are plenty of reasons to choose Virtus. Here are just a few.

New chamber balanced design is guarantee for precise and stable control of the pressure and flow in your district heating and cooling network.

Perfect control & stability

Efficient network hydronic balancing and ∆T optimization with new pressure and flow controllers

New chamber balanced design is guarantee for precise and stable control of the pressure and flow in your district heating and cooling network.

Design without dynamic sealing between cone and valve body ensures low hysteresys and optimal inner pressure conditions and balancing. Anti oscillations function implemented in AME 65x motor actuator, combined with new Virtus Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) detects pressure oscillations in the system. PICV operates in auto optimization mode, until oscilations are eliminated.

Perfect hydronic balancing of your system improves ΔT and leads to economical balance between temperature and flow. Operational costs will be reduced and system efficiency improved. Primary energy generation cost will be reduced for min. 1% for each 3° of ΔT increase.

Optimization of network operation

Substation efficiency improvement and ∆T optimization with iSET

iSET function implemented in dp controller will optimise the operation of your district heating/cooling substation. Flows will be delivered according to the heat/cold demand. Operation cost will be reduced, system efficiency improved. Primary energy generation cost can be saved for up to 5%. iSET supports achieving the annual saving targets for end user and DHU.

Optimization of network performance

Pumping cost reduction and peak load management with iNET

iNET-intelligent optimisation of district heating/cooling network performance. With new Intelligent pressure and flow controllers network could be balanced remotelly. Dp can be adjusted anytime on distance. At-site equipment (re)adjustments are not needed anymore.

Reduced commisioning and adjustment costs, lower pumping costs and reduced leakages in the pipelines. Less equipment wear-longer lifetime of installed control components. With proper planning and use of iNET at network dimensioning and support with components sizing (consultancy) up to 17% investment costs can be reduced compared to traditional design. Network optimization with iNET will reduce the total cost of ownership of your system.

Big flow capacities

Big flow capacities and optimal network design reduces investment costs and improves network efficiency

Danfoss‘ new pressure and flow controllers with big flow capacities are able to control the pressures and flows even in largest and most demanding district and cooling systems where big heat/cold is required.

By use of smaller valve DN with „XXL“ flow capacity and by proper network planning and dimensioning, investment could be reduced for up to 17%, compared to traditional design. Virtus-the best in class flow/investment ratio.

Easy installation, commissioning & maintenance

Optimal Network Design & low investment costs with new compact pressure and flow controllers

Best in class compactness and variability at installation. Compact chamber balanced design and multiple installation positions can help to save for up to 20% of the installation space and help to design the network more optimally. No tool flow adjustment, easy flow/Δp setting and visible indication means trouble-free commisioning and setting where operational parameters are always under control.

Trouble free installation, commissioning, adjustment and operation will result in reduced installation, maintainance and operational costs.

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